No re-entry. Festival goers will not be allowed to leave to enter the local area, once they are in they are in, till they go home.

Specific Thursday and Friday entry ticket – so that we are aware of the exact numbers of arrivals and the TMP will be planned accordingly.

Planned closure of Bagborough Lane with the exception of residents and resident authorised visitors.

No camping near the school area, or any other sensitive areas, and much tighter controls on potential routes taken by customers and staff over the event duration.

Notable increased in security and stewarding in all surrounding areas particularly Bagborough Lane, Evercreech, Prestleigh and Shepton Mallet, the location of which to be determined by local authority and resident consultation.

Distribute pre-event information to a wider reach of neighbours, by email and letter as well as expanding the local residents information displayed digitally.

Issue more warning information about the event, particularly peak traffic times with advance warning signage on local roads and in the media.

Plan to bolster security for ingress/egress at ASB Mendip School –in place for the start of operation.