NASS 2019

NASS have promoted public transport as the best means to attend the event, and has actively discourage travel by car, however a large number of the audience do arrive in their own vehicles.

We have long experience of managing the arrival and departure of audiences between the event site and the main transport hubs, however we recognize Thursday arrival 2019 was below standard.

During the event, additional measures in place to ensure Friday – Monday traffic ran smoothly, including:

Increased management of external road network with traffic officers at key locations

Increased communication and signage

Contingency routes identified and used during peak times

Security and management of set down points

Increased management at of station and shuttle operations

Consultation with Glastonbury traffic management contractor

For 2020

We will manage the audience in and out of the venue by the shortest, most direct route with the least possible local disruption

Use the methods that proved successful on the egress again including well managed routes, security staff / stewards at key locations, management of potential set down points with attention to litter, toilets and appropriate signage

Planned closure of Bagborough Lane with the exception of residents and resident authorised visitors

Review our processes for festival re-entry to prohibit pedestrians leaving the festival site

Provide further in advance warning for local residents and businesses

All of which will be detailed in an Ingress / Egress Plan that will be produced as part of the event planning process

Arrangements will be agreed with representatives of the Safety Advisory Group, and in consultation with local residents