NASS is proud to announce a new charitable foundation, the NASS Foundation. 

Born out of the festivals desire to give back and support the culture that’s at the heart of the event and surrounding communities. These key cultural elements can be divided into skate, BMX, music, street art culture and the local communities that are surrounding the festival’s home in Shepton Mallet and Somerset. 

The NASS foundation aims to re-invest in these areas with the goal of positively supporting local communities, projects and people. The NASS Foundation will build on the annual fundraising and charitable donations that the event makes year on year. This year’s event raised £10,500. 


Each year NASS will raise funds for the foundation, we will then review which projects and charities will be supporting with one-off donations that year or supporting long-term partners through wider projects.


The Foundation aims to support individuals, groups, charities and organisations that fall under one of our three key pillars of focus - Culture, a Force for Good and Community.


Recipient or organisation is heavily involved with and promotes street art, Skate and BMX, music, or Local Culture.


Recipient or organisation is involved with improving, raising awareness and supporting societal issues such as (but not limited to) homelessness, mental health and negative environmental impacts.


Recipient or organisation is local to the Festival area and enhances, educates or supports the lives of locals in the area.


NASS has been partnered and raising money for good causes and projects since introducing charity donations since 2017. Over the years, NASS has supported projects including SkatePal, and Upfest.


We are proud to raise £10,500, over double our 2018 amount of £5,000.

Some of the beneficiaries include: 

  • Skatepark renovation for Evercreech Parish Council

  • Cranmore Parish Council

  • Doulting Parish Council

  • Mendip School

  • St Paul's C of E VC Junior School

  • Ditcheat Primary School


Each year NASS will raise funds for the foundation that will be allocated to local projects, charities and organisations that are working within one of our key pillars of focus – Culture, a Force for Good and Community.

Applications for donations will open each year in the spring and will close shortly after the conclusion of that year’s festival. Applications will be reviewed by the NASS Foundation Board with successful applicants then being put forwards to GivingWorks, the independent company charged with managing the allocation of funds from the NASS Foundation.