A Noise Management Plan (NMP) is produced as part of the event planning process and agreed with the Mendip Council Environmental Team. We will manage the event to this plan.

Agreed volume levels will be monitored on/off site by the industry’s leading acoustic consultants Vanguardia, we will be engaging in a site modelling exercise in conjunction with Vanguardia and local residents with the aim of reducing off site noise.

We provide a residents’ hotline and e-mail address, which is staffed throughout the event, so that complaints can be individually investigated.

The site build and de-rig working hours are advertised pre-event and we minimise construction noise by using white-noise reversing alarms for site machinery.

Successful implementation of our Noise Management Plans have resulted in noise complaints (including repeat complainants) being fewer than 10 across all 3 days for the past 3 years, and we have never breached our license conditions.