We do not expect on-street parking to be an issue given that we plan to close Bagborough Lane to residents and permitted visitors only and increasing security positions along all key local roads.

We will consult with local residents on the requirements for resident parking pass schemes and access controls for the festival weekend.

As part of the planning process, we will identify an official event taxi rank which will be publicised as part of the festival information. The taxi rank will be supported by event infrastructure.

We will seek to limit any impact on local roads and traffic, bringing in controls required for safety for a time-limited period around the ingress and egress. This usually amounts to a key period of six hours on an ingress day and six hours on Monday egress.

During the build and derig phases, we will have staff managing vehicle entries to the venue at the key junctions and local intersections.

Traffic in the venue, will operate within a sterile working area, under the rules of site and to a 5mph speed limit.